Cheese Bomb At The Satellite

While I love fine dining, I also love more pedestrian fare. I grew up in Northern New Jersey for crying out loud and enjoyed such wonderful treats: Hostess cupcakes and Twinkies? Tastykakes? Ellio's Pizza? Steak-umm? Pork roll sandwich? Dunkin' Donuts? French Fries and gravy?

I could go on and on, and while my diet has improved over the years, I still enjoy comfort food and junk food. Just ask people at my office and they'll tell you I can pack away the glazed donuts with the best of 'em.

I was in Spokane last week for the World Science Fiction Convention and enjoyed many fine meals, but this one stood out. Good friends of mine (Mark Van Name and Jennie Faries) asked us out to lunch at a diner, specifically The Satellite Diner and Lounge. I highly recommend trying this diner out. Great food...and it's also a bar! The staff were pleasant and attentive.

The menu has plenty for all, but I went right for what the menu pointed out as "Extreme Eating Options (while it's still legal)". What intrigued me the most was this:

                                              It's cheese on cheese served with cheese!

                                              It's cheese on cheese served with cheese!

What you're viewing is the Cheese Bomb! Just looking at it right now is making my mouth water. Here is the description off the menu: "Parmesan encrusted bread, melted provolone and cheddar cheese. Deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks nestled right there between more melted cheese. It's cheese on cheese served with cheese. It's da BOMB!"

Every single bite was delicious. I ended up taking it easy later on when I had dinner--I may have had a salad.

I only wish I'd had more meals at The Satellite.