Iron Angels

Hardcover, e-book Baen Books - 09/05/2017

Publishers Weekly Top Ten Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Pick for Fall 2017

A bizarre kidnapping case leads FBI Special Agent Jasper Wilde into the mysterious world of a strange religious cult, even stranger criminals, and an ancient evil. Set in the Windy City of Chicago and in rusty, industrial East Chicago. At the scene of the kidnapping itself, a frightening apparition is seen, and a hideously-mutilated corpse is found nearby. It doesn’t take long before the FBI agents realize that something truly extraordinary is unfolding in northwest Indiana—and that, whatever it is, the area’s huge steel industry is somehow at the center.

Jasper is joined by Supervisory Special Agent Temple Black. Black has recently been put in charge of a new unit, the Scientific Anomalies Group, created to analyze and handle peculiar cases which might be on the periphery of national security.

Another cult is discovered, although this one seems to be opposed to the criminal activities taking place. Further investigation, however, just produces more in the way of mystery. The agents consult with scientists and theologians, but no one has any idea what might be producing the situation. Until, finally, the cults erupt in open warfare. As the FBI agents race to intervene and finally put a stop to the horrors, they come to understand and accept that something very ancient and very evil has surfaced in the world—or, perhaps, something that is very, very alien.

Short Stories


"A String Of Pearls," short story in the Noir Fatale anthology published by Baen Books, May 2019.

From Baen’s website: NEW SCIENCE FICTION, URBAN FANTASY, AND MYSTERY STORIES WITH A NOIR THEME FROM BEST-SELLING AUTHORS LAURELL K. HAMILTON delivering an Anita Blake series story, LARRY CORREIA, penning a Grimnoir series adventure, an original Honor Harrington series tale from DAVID WEBER, AND MORE.

The silky note of a saxophone. The echoes of a woman’s high heels down a deserted asphalt street. Steam rising from city vents to cloud the street-lit air. A man with a gun. A dame with a problem . . . NOIR.

Fantastic Detectives ebook cover.jpg

"Trouble Aboard The Flying Scotsman," short story in the Fantastic Detectives issue of Fiction River.

Trouble Aboard The Flying Scotsman is the origin story for two characters in a novel I'm working on, The Kaiser's Triumph, set in an alternate late 1800s Europe. Harland Stone is an operative in His Majesty's Dashing Chaps, dispatched to handle "problems" for His Majesty and getting into trouble with his sidekick, Cephus Boothe. 


"The Maltese Crux," novelette in The Granville Gazette, volume 44.

The Maltese Crux features the Knights of Malta in Eric Flint's alternate-history 1632 universe and revolves around the mystery of the fabled Maltese Falcon.


"A Knight's Journey: Penance," novelette in The Granville Gazette, volume 47.

A Knight's Journey: Penance continues the Knights of Malta story began in The Maltese Crux, and features treachery and pirates in the French prison, Chateau d'If.