Twin Peaks & Sasquan

My wife and I decided we'd use traveling to Spokane for Sasquan (World Science Fiction Convention) as an excuse for a mini-vacation at Snoqualmie Falls for a stay at the Great Northern--I mean the Salish Lodge & Spa.

Dale Cooper cocktail.jpg

The Salish Lodge and nearby towns were the inspiration for the town of Twin Peaks in the David Lynch mystery/drama of the same name. We booked the 'Twin Peaks' package at the Salish Lodge which included a map of locations used in the filming of the show, Dale Cooper cocktails (a wonderful mix of Gin, clove & cardamom infused Salish honey, Salish Lodge Dry Honey Cider, lemon twist and lychee), and cherry pie and damn fine cups of coffee. Our room overlooked the river close to the famous falls.

We explored many of the locations provided by the included map as well as some found on fan sites. Pretty neat to experience them up close. Our first stop was the Double R Diner, which is actually Twede's Cafe', and we enjoyed some cherry pie and coffee (damn fine cups of). The diner is a little rundown, but I believe David Lynch will be shooting there for the continuation of Twin Peaks on Showtime, and therefore they will likely refurbish the location. They were busy (but then, it was Sunday around noon). The Salish Lodge from the outside of course looks like it did in the show, the interior is nothing like what we see in the show, but that doesn't mean it's bad, I think the Salish Lodge is wonderful and full of atmosphere and the staff are kind and attentive. The rest of the locations throughout the area were interesting, but more along the lines of wow, seeing them in the context of real life is so different than how they're presented in the show.

I've been going for runs each day since being here and asked for easily accessible trails nearby, but I obviously didn't pay attention since I ended up on a road that was closed. I took along an old iPod Nano to simply use as a timer since I wanted to hear the sounds of the forest rather than music. As I jogged along the deserted road, the forest on each side of the road pressed in and I glanced left, noticing a trail beckoning me into the forest. I accepted the invitation. Towering ferns straight out of the Devonian period draped over the little-used trail. Towering trees poked the sky, obliterating direct light. The trail quickly became a path and closed in on me on both sides. Light poked through the canopy, with the sun on my left, but the path twisted and turned and forked--I kept the sun on my left. Eventually, I decided to turn around rather than get stuck in some endless Blair Witch loop.

I emerged from the forest and jogged back down the deserted road. I checked my iPod Nano for the time elapsed and found the device dead. The battery had been full when I left. I've taken great care of the Nano. I plugged it into power and then the computer. Nothing. Dead. Coincidence or some bizarre Twin Peaks-like occurrence? I eventually got the device to reboot--having to hold the center button and menu button at the same time for 6-10 seconds. But still, that was odd, it had never died on me before.

Today we leave for Spokane to attend Sasquan, the World Science Fiction Convention. There we will meet up with old friends and make new friends!