Woody Allen: A Documentary

All right. Yes. Woody Allen. I love Woody Allen films--not all of them, but there is always something in them that I adore.

I know he's been in the press quite a bit and he's a pretty easy target these days (I don't know, maybe he's always been one).

Forget all you think you know about Woody Allen and watch this documentary--it's in two parts, so you're looking at more than 3 hours. People forget this guy started out as a kid writing jokes for a newspaper and then progressed to writing stage shows before being hired to write alongside Mel Brooks for the comic, Sid Caesar.

He became a reluctant standup comic and became a filmmaker after acting in a film he wrote but didn't direct, What's New Pussycat? , which he felt didn't do justice to his script. After that film, he wanted full control of his scripts and basically became a director.

Anyhow, watch the documentary, you'll see there is much more to the man than what you've seen or heard on the news and the internet.

Oh, you can watch it on Amazon Instant video, and it's also on Netflix.