Whiskey, Bourbon, Whisky

Not a big fan of the George Thorogood song--"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer".  I don't think I'd drink a Bourbon and follow it up with a Scotch. I'd probably stick with one or the other to be honest. And if you're just trying to get drunk? Go with some cheap stuff and leave the top shelf stuff to people who will appreciate it.


But anyway, I'm not posting this to argue the virtues of Bourbon vs. Whiskey vs. Whisky. You know what? I enjoy all of them. Give me a great Irish Whisky, or a Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Hell, I'll drink Jack Daniels and next week Jim Beam.

Tonight, however, I'm having a Colorado Whiskey: Stranahan's.

Some whiskeys are great with a splash of water, some are great with an ice cube that's allowed to melt, some are better with nothing at all.

I will admit--drinking whiskey of any stripe may take some getting used to. It's definitely a sipping type experience, not a dump-it-down-your-throat experience.


It's meant to be savored.

Now, some of you may scoff at a Colorado born whiskey, but this is good stuff.  Take a peek at the label, here are some closeups.

One of the neat touches is what they are listening to at the time they are distilling the batch. Queen isn't a bad choice at all.

The next photo gives a little information on their process.  Straight from the Rocky Mountains and aged for 2 years in charred oak barrels. 

Unless you're a true snob when it comes to whiskey or you're loyal to bourbon or Scotch, or whatever, you'll enjoy this one.