CONtraflow III - New Orleans

I'll be attending CONtraflow III in New Orleans, being held October 18th-20th. 

I'm attending for many reasons, but one of them is because I've been asked to take part in a panel alongside Diana Rowland and Griffin Barber, with Mark L. Van Name moderating. The panel is:

Frontier Law Enforcement:  Law enforcement on the frontiers of reality: fantasy, urban fantasy, and SF settings. How will the law deal with mind readers, fairies, cyborgs, and aliens? How can writers make it convincing?

Other than the moderator, the participants either are or have been law enforcement officers. Many thanks to Mark Van Name for arranging the panel.

I've given impromptu talks on law enforcement, and I know from experience the topic is a bottomless pit. I could speak for two hours on the topic by myself and barely scrape the surface. However, having seen Mark moderate other panels, I know he'll keep it on topic and to the point. 

CONtraflow is also hosting the 1632 MiniCon this year. I am interested in this because I have written, and am in the process of writing stories for the 1632 universe via the Grantville Gazette.

I'm looking forward to New Orleans, and once again getting to hang out with my writing friends.