Islay Scotch Whisky

It has come to my attention that I drink a decent amount (better than an indecent amount I'm told) of scotch. I do not live on scotch alone, oh no, I do imbibe other liquids. Yes, yes, water, of course--and a lot of it--I learned my lesson when I was stationed in the Mojave Desert back in my Navy days (yes, the Navy in the desert) when all I drank was soft drinks. Yuck.  I also enjoy champagne (as much as I enjoy scotch, actually), and wine, and gin, and bourbon, and even whiskey with an e on occasion.

Back to scotch--I do have a favorite style of scotch and it's from Islay, and island off the west coast of Scotland. I enjoy the heavily peated scotch with its smokiness and hint of the sea in the finish from the three distilleries along the southeastern coast of Islay. These distilleries are Laphroaig, Lagavulin, and Ardbeg.

Typically I keep Laphroaig 10yr, Lagvulin 16yr, and the Ardbeg 10yr around the house, but here are three bottles I'm currently working through from those three distilleries:

Lore and Uigeadail are more expensive than their 10yr siblings, and the 8yr Lagavulin is cheaper than its 16yr old uncle even though it's a limited 200yr anniversary edition. These three and even the ones I typically keep around the house from Islay are the deep end of the pool. These aren't for the casual sipper. I'd suggest starting off with a Highland scotch, or build up to it with bourbon or even some smooth Irish whiskey like Jameson.

When you're ready, come join me in the mountains of Colorado for a dram of Islay Scotch whisky!