My 2017 Concert Schedule Won't Help My Tinnitus

I'm attending quite a few concerts in 2017. Most people probably figure me for loving Sinatra and big band style music (and they'd be right), however, I have pretty broad tastes when it comes to music.

Tinnitus: I do have a constant high-pitched tone in both ears (probably from being around jet aircraft in the Navy on a daily basis for years, playing in loud bands throughout my life, and attending a large number of concerts), and as such, a few years ago I began wearing musician-grade decibel reducing earplugs at band practice as well as to concerts. Of course I adopted the earplugs way too late in life, but I don't want further damage if I can help it!

Here are the concerts I already have tickets for:

May 6 - Testament & Sepultura at the Summit Music Hall

May 11 - Opeth & Gojira at Red Rocks

June 3 - Roger Waters at Pepsi Center


June 7 - Metallica with VolBeat and Avenged Sevenfold at Mile High Stadium

June 8 - Brit Floyd at Red Rocks

July 6 - Queen at Pepsi Center

July 8 - Ghost at Fillmore Auditorium

August 25 - Depeche Mode at Pepsi Center

That's a pretty cool lineup, and I may add in a few shows if they don't interfere with travel and work.  And I don't think I'll be partaking in any mosh pits this year.