Rogues In Saratoga Springs: World Fantasy 2015

I'll be on the road again this week and attending World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs NY, November 5th-8th. The con organizers have graciously put me on a panel the opening day-- Thursday, November 5th at 4pm. Here is a description along with the panel participants from WFC's website:

The Rogue
Assassins, thieves, rogues of all stripes, it seems that no quest party™ is complete without a wisecracking roguish sidekick. But is there more to the Rogue than that? 
Ellen Kushner (mod.), Alistair Kimble, Cinda Williams Chima, James Alan Gardner, Ryk E. Spoor

About World Fantasy:

The World Fantasy convention will always be special to me--I attended my first one in 2010 when it was held in Columbus, Ohio. This particular convention is less fan-oriented and more professional, by which I mean, this is a great place to hang out at the bar and meet writers, editors, and literary agents.  Another aspect of the con that I like is that the membership is capped, so one has to purchase their ticket early enough in the year to be sure of getting a spot, otherwise there is a waiting list.

So many of the friends I have in the writing community became friends of mine in Columbus back in 2010. That first convention was interesting, since I went by myself and decided to wing it. Given my day job and the fact that I get paid to talk to people made meeting others not that difficult--but even so, I sat at the bar and the other writers and professionals were friendly and didn't mind talking to a stranger. At that convention I realized the old saying about writers was true--they like to drink. But no one got out of control and I found all my interactions with others to be quite engaging and informative.  I've learned so much about the industry over the years simply by attending conventions--but especially World Fantasy.

Anyway, World Fantasy will always have a special place in my heart, and I'm really looking forward to attending this one and having a chance to hang out with friends.