Fantastic Detectives: A Fiction River Anthology

I have a short story appearing in the September edition of the Fiction River anthology series--which is available now.  This edition's theme is Fantastic Detectives, edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. My story, Trouble Aboard The Flying Scotsman,  is an origin story for two of the characters in a novel I'm wrapping up.

I'm honored to be sharing the table of contents with so many wonderful writers (to include Kevin J. Anderson and Dean Wesley Smith). Of course, I've read and enjoyed the entire anthology, but one of my favorite stories is Case Cracked by Joe Cron, which is absolutely hilarious and has many laugh-out-loud moments. The stories in the anthology range from the whimsical and comedic to hardboiled and noir, but all have a fantastical element.

The anthology series (now in its second year) is available in trade paper as well as e-book. There is a subscription drive taking place on Kickstarter that offers some nifty rewards, but ends October 2nd 2014.

If you're interested, please check out the website for Fiction River, here.

A couple of sites have already reviewed Fantastic Detectives:

"Fiction River: Fantastic Detectives is a great choice for anyone who loves it when genres are swirled together. It's nominally more heavily influenced by mystery conventions and tropes, but the science fiction and fantasy elements in it are almost as strong." --Long and Short Reviews

And Keith West of Amazing Stories wrote: “Fiction River: Fantastic Detectives is a great read if you like to blend mystery with your fantasy. Check it out.”