The Brown Palace Hotel


The Brown Palace in Denver, Colorado has been open since 1892 and every U.S. President since Theodore Roosevelt has visited (except Calvin Coolidge). The Brown is truly one of Denver's treasures, and there is much to experience within beside the wonderful accommodations.

My wife and I will be staying at the Brown this evening for Halloween (we don't get any trick-or-treaters up in the mountains, unfortunately).  We'll be taking part in a tour of the Brown featuring a medium, who will provide us all the spooky details of ghosts haunting the Brown and other odd occurrences.

The hotel is spacious, and within presents a huge atrium where they serve cocktails as well as host High Tea daily.

There is also Sunday Brunch--and while I don't normally enjoy buffet-style dining--the food served at this brunch is excellent and much of it is prepared to order.  It also doesn't hurt that it's a Champagne Brunch with the option of choosing Dom Perignon!

But there is more, they have a small coffee shop, Ship's Tavern (a down-to-earth pub), The Palace Arms (where we'll be eating dinner this evening before the ghost tour), Elyngton's for breakfast and lunch, and Churchill--a club where one can sip whisky and smoke a cigar.

Oh, and they have a spa, too!